Monday, 17 January 2011

Where to next?

Still we wait, it's beginning to feel like the closing lines of the opening scene from  Casablanca But it's a new week so perhaps the long awaited mail will arrive and we can finally get moving again. The question is, of course, where to? We arrived here in Virginia with a vague but probable idea that we'd head on down to the Caribbean and then on to the Azores, Canaries and from there to Argentina and onwards to South Georgia, a destination we've had in mind for a number of years thanks to a wonderful book by Tim and Pauline Carr.  Antarctic Oasis

Then we were browsing a site and came across a voyage that took in Norway and the far north thereof and we were captivated... mebbe we could arrive there having called into Iceland, Faeroe's, Outer Hebs..... well you can see the route in your mind I'm sure. BUT, the current thinking is that we might just head off to New Zealand once we can sort out the small print on arriving with Toots.. and then, if the nerve holds up we might just be able to sneak across to South Georgia via you know where..... the beauty is that all these trips can start from south of here so we don't really need to make a decision for another few months. Any thoughts out in cyber space?


  1. Hi Mick Bea and Toots! will the gulf stream "stopping" effect your trip down the coast of the US ( beneficial or otherwise) or have you passed through where it should have been and any effects, already? :o))

  2. Shouldn't you be in bed?!!?:))
    WHEN we get going the first part will probably be inside - down the ICW until south of Cape Fear and then outside and down the coast. Mostly the GS is further off shore until down near the southern end of Florida so we should be well inside of any stream as it heads north. Hope that makes sense?

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  4. Ha, Yes! I guess so, but on nights that I can`t sleep I always find your Blog a great read to help fill the time, Sure I read it over and over again!:o)) love the title photo/page by the way, have a great life!