Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day One

We're on our way at last. The long awaited post arrived yesterday and we were able to say our goodbyes to Cary, Linda and Joe and head out for the start of the ICW. It runs from here down to the Keys, about 1200 miles and lets us get south of the the Capes that protrude from this coast before having to head out to sea. The drawback of course is that it, for the most part, is a long slog under engine. But for the moment that is ok...although we've only done about 10 miles today! The 12oo miles are statute (for some reason) whilst we always work in sea miles...academia as far as those reading are concerned. And we're heading off shore after a couple of hundred anyway.

So an OK day marred only by a bridge keeper with attitude who, as we hadn't contacted her by radio but had gilled around in front of the bridge for 35 minutes as the small tug was doing, decided to teach us a lesson by closing the bridge as we steamed towards it some 150' behind the tug.....then proceeded to rant at us over the radio about calling her first. Writing it out makes me feel it to be no big deal but seeing those drawbridges descend and knowing I had insufficient room and power to stop myself before they closed was not a life inspiring moment and her claim that she didn't see us did nothing to appease my bad mood. But we got through the remainder, found the 24 hour free dock, went for a walk with Toots, downed a G&T, some food and a with warming fire the balance of life is restored. I think.

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  1. Oh yeah! bridge operators can be like that I had an altication coming out of the broads at yarmouth. For almost the same reason. we had to moor in-between the last two bridges and in the meantime the weather closed in for our further trip down south which caused us to pull into Lowestoff for a couple of days. Give a bridge keeper a title and they think they are Hitler! :o))