Monday, 25 January 2016

Henry Worsley

For the last two months we have settled down in our warm saloon, glass in hand to listen to the nightly “broadcast” by Henry Worsley from Antarctica. At the end of his, often difficult and arduous, day he would file a short report of how it had gone, how he felt and the progress he had made, taking time out to address questions from"Young Explorers", school children from around the world who were following the journey. Thus in that short time we came to appreciate and like this man, idly dreaming that we might meet one day and he could be sat around our fire entertaining us with his stories.....

Sadly not, as we read the dreadful news this morning that he had died from peritonitis in a hospital in Punta Arenas where he had been flown to. I can't begin to tell you how sadden we are, how the tears flow and the loss we feel. It is, as Bee said “a shit start to the week” You can read the statement on the expedition site here. Our condolences to his family and small comfort perhaps, but he has touched SO many people with his quiet courage and fortitude.