Saturday, 28 November 2015

You need to look at this

Imagine you'e sailing along, trussed up as per the current thinking, in a pfd and harness. You're working on deck, the boat lurches and suddenly you're over the side... Well something like that happened to me a few years back, except I wasn't wearing a harness or a pfd. That story is here and if you wonder why on earth I wasn't wearing a harness etc (and perhaps think "well it serves you right") then take a look at this article.

People fall off boats, it's a fact of life; a risk we are aware of and take into account in our travels. Sometimes a mistake is made but on the whole we know that the boat is really a narrow path with a steep drop and you need to be very aware that death is a short step or stumble away. Go forward only on the windward side; keep your body low and crawl if need be; one hand for the boat, one for yourself always. I'm not saying this is the right way just the way we chose to work. Life jackets and harnesses may have a role but they are not a sure fire way of saving your life.


  1. Not a comfortable read. Please take care

  2. You're right - it is not a comfortable read but may make those who ae vociferous in their condemnation of any who chose to sail without using these items... well less vociferous. We will, as always take care but thank you. Just discovered your Freya site - lovely and glad to see you both out on the water. You'll be showing us the hidden anchorages of Lewis when we next see you!