Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day Outing

So about 3 weeks ago Bee found a woman round the corner with a kayak to sell....true it was in a poor state but at $35 we thought it was a steal. Well, with a couple of coats of paint of opposite colours the "Mooyak" was born. Toots took to it in style and went aboard for a paddle around  Hannah...the walk along the foredeck was unplanned and we'd forgotten to put anti-slip on but the disaster never happened. She may not be so lucky next time. 


  1. Hi MB&T I am still laughing at the thought of your so named Mooyak But I suppose it is obvious really as you will be able to collect the milk in it? Te Hee :o))! Thanks for your kind wishes! may you both have a brilliant and prosperous new year.
    Kindest regards

  2. Ahh! I have just had another look at the Mooyak and it seems to me that a similar arrangement could be used, for Toots, that a collegue of mine used to have for his Jack russel Terrier on the back of his Honda Moped he had a box with a four inch hole drilled in it with a shower hat, fitted over the lip around its edge, and his fiesty old "Jack"(his name) used to sit quite happily in the box on his cusion with his head out of the top in all weathers. This was a brilliant solution to how he could carry his "Jack" when on his moped, and worked well for about ten years until Jack was getting quite old an even more Fiesty, an inquisitive Cyclist standing along side at the Traffic lights, noticed some movement from the plastic shower cap and put his hand out to touch it amd a surprised Jack bit it quite badly endong up with an order being place upon him to wear a muzzle in public. I told his master to suggest to the court that the cyclist was trying to steal the shower cap ( which of course had happened many times before, hadn`t it? :o))?and got their just deserts??? but he wouldn`t as he was a nicer guy than me :o(( Tee Hee! and so we didn`t see Jack any more, shame! The use of the cut off and modified screw top of a discarded water proof flares box springs to mind so the integrity of the Mooyak isn`t impared on "solo" trips, no I don`t mean Toots on her own :o))

  3. Love it! Reminds me of a gateway Computer box....

  4. Hi both

    No problem will change the link right now!Done....

    We greatly enjoy reading of your exploits and think back to when we met you in Portugal. You've come a long way as they say!
    Hoping to break free of Guatemala sometime, Geoffrey is loathe to give up his internet at the moment, it's a problem this making money in order to carry on cruising. Still it's a much finer alternative to returning to the UK methinks.

    Have a happy new year. Glad the groin is on the mend