Friday, 31 December 2010

Main horse blues

As we hoist or lower the main, tack or do anything that takes the wind pressure off the main, the main sheet block attached to the horse would slam back and forth against the stops. Toots hated it, drove me spare and I hadn't found anything suitable that could cope with the battering. But wandering around a schooner up in the Vineyard I saw a neat solution....
a hole drilled out of the centre of an ice-hockey puck to match the diameter of the horse, then split on one side  and a hole drilled through the edge to take a bolt and the whole thing forced onto the horse. Bolt screwed though and yer in business.......................not sure how easy ice-hockey pucks are to come by in most countries but it works very well. 

Aah the joys of a gaffer.

So Happy New Year to all from MBT


  1. Gaffer eh? Who'ed have thought!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  2. What a great Idea! what are the pucks made of ?

  3. The pucks are made from a vulcanised rubber and given the amount of whacking they get on the rink (or is that the players?) we reckon they'll last a few years.