Wednesday, 23 January 2013


 It's a quiet time here as winter kicks in, we revise our plans about heading south and think more about this summers trip. With the wood burner keeping the chill out of the boat and little to write about we offer these great shots from the camera of Russ Nichols, taken during 2011
Pity about the line over the side...


  1. I've seen a very similar boat to your's. Probably it is the same handcraft who build these boats. Even the Dingi seems to be the same. Mayby just the color changed and it is you, i have meet at the campingside after you have arrived there from wales for preparing your boat to bring it back into the water. In this case, i will wish you the best. When i left i thought a lot of that mutch efford it would need for, to come back to the boat. Good luck, however who will recive my posting.

  2. awesome awesome and more awesome

    1. Yes he is talented....think we'd be accepted in Dunedin? Good to hear you still out there too