Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Rolling in the deep....

Sunset, Puerta de Rosario

Very little movement from us as we opt to remain at Puerta de Rosario as the anchorage affords,for the most part, decent shelter with good sand holding, We had a gentle sail down from Lanzarote and arrived to find a few boats at anchor. Thankfully one left as we arrived as the sheltered space is a tad limited but we anchored and settled down for the night, moving closer in the following morning. Since our last visit a decade and more ago the port has changed and added a large wharf for the cruise ships to dock. Back then we simply anchored in the port but not any more although the local people remain as friendly as ever. 

Overlooks the anchorage

With good stocking up facilities, easy 'net access and no rolling at anchor with the prevailing winds we decided we'd probably leave from here for the crossing. A forecast of an unwanted stiff SW had me wandering along to the port police to ask about taking shelter in the harbour – there is a small marina that the occasional yacht ties up to. They knew of the forthcoming blow and we were allowed to move in for 2 nights only for the total of 6.69inc water and power....... In the event the wind seemed to be more southerly than SW and we glad we moved in even though the Med. style mooring causes several problems. 

Here's a couple of pics of life in the fast lane!
The anchorage...

THe harbour - there's a pontoon in there somewhere....

We hope to leave here on Sunday and head for Martinique


Puerta de Rosario

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