Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Adventurous sailors wanted...

The time has come when, sadly, we need to sell Hannah and are putting the boat up for sale. After 14 years, 5 Atlantics and some 70,000nm Bee has finally called it a day and needs to do other things and who can blame her. As I approach 67 I know I can't handle the boat on my own and rather than sit around we'd prefer someone else take the boat on. Hannah is NOT a “consumer cruising” crammed floating palace but everything you need, in our view, for a solid, interesting and attainable way of life (other than money of course) is within the sturdy hull,

JAN 2016.After we finished the Buttons trip we thought about what we might do. Selling Hannah was NOT high on the list so, for the moment, we're intending to keep going. I'll leave this page up because we might, at some point, decide to sell

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